The Stories

He is Accepted

When his parents say he is changing schools, the boy is scared and hopeful all at once. Kids at his current school – and some teacher’s aides – aren’t very nice to him and he feels isolated from everybody. He wants friends and never tells his mother how much it bothers him. Then his parents take him to his first day at The Children’s School - he makes five new friends. Five! He likes his new teachers – there are so many in the classroom – and he loves this idea of earning rewards and doing Patrol Time. All the kids are smart! He feels safe here. For the first time, he can’t wait to go to school tomorrow. When he tells this to his Mom, she cries and hugs him right there in their driveway.

He is Confident

Thanks to The Children’s School, he has skills. He is Cool Craig. In morning Science class, he sits at his desk and focuses, listening closely to the teacher. When she asks a question, he raises his hand. He used to feel afraid to speak up in class in front of the other kids.  Now he feels like one of the leaders in his grade. At lunch, he notices a younger boy eating by himself. He can almost feel the boy’s loneliness and decides to introduce himself. He remembers when he was the one sitting alone at the lunch table. In this quiet, fleeting moment no one will ever see, he knows how far he has come.

She Thrives in the Classroom

Her imagination soars when her teacher talks about historical figures and their influence on the world. She secretly daydreams about her own future and how she might help the world. Could she be President? Or a doctor? Or maybe a singer?  Before she came to The Children's School, she always felt lost in class.  She couldn't seem to get her work done or find her papers when she needed them.  She was so frustrated! 

Here at The Children's School, things are so different.  Her teachers are patient and they help her stay organized.  Now, as she watches one of the teachers high-five a once-struggling classmate, she thinks she might be a teacher. They seem to help the world every day.