Understand the Program

The Children’s School provides a comprehensive intervention for children in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade who need cognitive-behavioral training in a nurturing educational environment. Through a positive rewards-based system, this specialized program focuses on self-regulation, the management of anger, anxiety, frustration, and compliance, as well as social pragmatics, relational skills and social reciprocity. This encourages behavior modification in a small class setting (approximately 5:1 student/faculty ratio) with tremendous success. The Children's School integrates academic, social and behavioral learning, and offers a comprehensive approach to providing the fundamental skills that prepare children for a lifetime of success.



The school attracts leading educators to teach to Common Core State Standards. These are dedicated, credentialed professionals who are excited to be part of a program they know changes lives.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health support meshes seamlessly with academic instruction. In the classroom, teachers partner with licensed therapists and specially trained behavioral specialists. Together, this team provides a comprehensive, individually-tailored program for each student. There is also one hour of dedicated time for daily group social skills training.

Parent Involvement

Parents attend group sessions and information seminars that prepare them to use the same behavioral interventions at home that their children experience in the classroom. Families set specific goals that give each child a way to chart his or her individual progress and experience success.


Our drive to find new and better ways to help your child reach his or her social, emotional and academic potential makes our program the source of many national best practices in the education and treatment of children with behavior disorders and a place for families to change what it means to live with ADHD and other related challenges.

These unique programs connect parents’ hopes for their child to real possibilities for growth that can enable lifelong success.

Our Heritage

Building on the 30-year history of this unique program at University of California, Irvine, The Children’s School is opening a new campus in Irvine, California in September 2019. Please click here to receive upcoming news announcements.