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The Children School | School for Students with ADHD | Irvine

Our Mission

To provide a safe and nurturing environment

in which children can connect,

communicate, and


Our Vision

For each child

to realize her or his unique

social, emotional, and academic potential

The Children’s School integrates comprehensive social teaching and applied behavior analysis strategies into the classroom in a student-centered learning environment.

Led by nationally recognized pioneers in the field of behavioral health, The Children’s School is at the forefront of integrative science and education, providing dynamic opportunities for students with ADHD and related challenges with executive function. 

The Children's School Boy Raising Hand

“The Children’s School integrates individualized academic instruction with evidence-based strategies for supporting the development of executive function skills that are key to academic achievement—especially for children who struggle with attention and self-regulation in more traditional school settings. Our comprehensive approach provides the fundamental skills that prepare children and their families for a lifetime of success. Founded in the laboratory school at UCI Child Development Center, that has served the community for the last 30 years, The Children’s School is directly informed by innovative science. I have seen first-hand what these kids can accomplish! I know countless alumni, some now in their thirties, who are absolutely flourishing.”

— Dr. Sabrina Schuck, Scientific Advisory Board & Director of Training and Program Development